What we do

A technology broker is an independent firm that brings providers and users of technology in the financial industry together.

Drebbel works on the basis of non-exclusive contractual agreements with different partners that deliver technology-based products and services to the financial community. Every company and technology has its own strong points and specialties. We see it as our goal to bring the right technology partners to you, the client.

This means that we will present you a range of technology solutions that are aligned with your specific business context and requirements. If our current partners cannot offer what you need, we will look for companies that can. Above all, we stay objective and transparent in our business process.

So what can you expect from us during this process?

  1. We have a personal meeting with you to learn about your business challenges and opportunities in the context of your specific working environment. In this stage, our job is to listen and observe so that we completely understand what you need and within which framework we can work. We obviously maintain the highest standards of confidentiality.
  2. We will do research if needed, talk to different contacts in our network and accumulate any piece of information that is necessary to translate your requirements to a specific technology solution.
  3. Initially, without revealing your company details, we will discuss your needs with relevant partners that we consider potential providers. Our objective is to find the right products and services and finally the best value in technology while keeping the agreed framework and requirements in mind.
  4. Once partners with potentially useful technologies are identified, we inform you about them, their capabilities and their products. With your consent, we will get you in contact with them, facilitate demo's, face-to-face meetings and make sure that any relevant information is properly exchanged.
  5. We are open and transparent in informing you about any relevant information with respect to our and our clients' experiences with these partners.
  6. We aim to help you procure the best and at the same time most cost-effective solution within your environment, but you will always be at the steering wheel.
  7. We will be there to accompany you through contractual agreements with the selected technology provider and assist in the administrative follow up if needed.
  8. During the whole process, also after implementation of the technology, we will manage the relationship between yourself and the technology partner. You can come to us for any questions or advice and we will help you deal with issues that might arise.
  9. We systematically keep ourselves informed about evolutions and trends in financial technology. We participate in industry events and conferences and keep a broad network of fintech professionals. This means that during our working relationship, we advise you on the available tech solutions out there and will inform you pro-actively on new technologies in our portfolio.

Areas of Expertise

Our goal is to find the best available information and communication technology that caters to your business’ complexities and demands. We have done this for a variety of financial service firms in the following domains:


Managed connectivity and hosting solutions

Get connected to a global network of major trading venues, financial services providers and other financial institutions that allows you to transmit staggering amounts of data through ultra low-latency, high-end connectivity lines.

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Transaction Monitoring

Detect any latency or performance issues with your network, your payments and trading activities or any other business flow in your environment. Specialised Business Process Monitoring software allows you to monitor, analyse and address any problems in real-time before it results in financial, operational or reputational losses.

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Risk and Compliance

Comply with the highest standards of market regulators and reduce the risk of market abuse with a professional surveillance system that detects any abnormal trading patterns, market manipulation or insider trading performed on your network.

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Smart and Big Data

Get access to high quality, intraday, reliable and objective implied volatility data and analytics to guide everyday investment decisions in the field of flow or volatility trading, risk management, structuring or valuation.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Things change fast, especially in the financial world where everything depends on speed and innovation. Sometimes you won’t immediately know the answer to new problems that emerge.

Let us help.

As a technology broker, we procure technology that is not necessarily part of our existing portfolio. Our broad global network of financial technology professionals allows us to find appropriate solutions for any informational predicament you might encounter.

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