What we do?

Just as a real estate or insurance broker, a technology broker is an independent agent that brings sellers and buyers in the financial technology space together.

Drebbel works with different fintech partners, some of whom offer the same type of technology. Every company, however, has it's own strong points and specialties. That is why we want to match the right technology partners with the right clients.

We get in contact with technology partners (or vice versa) through different channels:

    • As a result of an inquiry related to a customer request for a specific business issue
    • After a referral by a client
    • At industry fairs or conferences
    • After a referral from a technology partner we already work with

What are the different steps when starting a partnership?

  1. We have a personal meeting with you so that we learn about your products and services. In this meeting, we also form an idea of your management style, expertise and the values of your company.
  2. We then discuss what you expect from us and your goals and business development plans in Europe. We try and gauge the market opportunity and discuss in all transparency and openness whether your services have a (partial) overlap with other products and services in our existing portfolio.
  3. When we are confident in each other's added value and professionalism, we agree on the contractual and financial terms of our partnership.
  4. We will promote your products and services to existing and new financial customers via our website and a dedicated landing page. We will pro-actively go after relevant leads within our extended network if we see any opportunities.
  5. During meetings with financial clients for other types of technology solutions, we will check whether the client might also be interested in your products and services.
  6. We frequently report back on our activities and provide you with relevant customer feedback.
  7. We will get you in direct contact with potential customers, facilitate demo's, face-to-face meetings and exchange relevant information.
  8. We will advise you on the requirements and limitations of the customer's organisation and look out for potential difficulties in the implementation of the technology.
  9. We guide both parties in the contractual agreements and serve as the human gateway between you and the financial institution. During this stage, we also help and mediate when there are problems or complaints.

Why partner with us?

We give you access to a broad European network of potential customers

  • We have a 15-year track record of building and maintaining successful business relationships with top executives in leading financial institutions across Europe.
  • Through us, you will have access to privileged European markets and customers in commercial and investment banks, stock exchanges, financial data providers and clearing houses.
  • When meeting clients for a specific fintech solution, we often notice the need for complementary services from other technology partners we work with. This can result in an unexpected opportunity for your business.

Use our market knowledge to enter Europe

  • We can give advice on how to enter the European market. We identify your potential markets and get you in contact with the right people.
  • We have a good understanding of European legal and compliance requirements. We know the challenges that customers face and what keeps them up at night.
  • We understand and speak the most important European languages: French, Dutch, English, German. We are aware of the cultural differences between countries and know how to use them in key business situations.

We simplify your sales process

  • We bring potential business opportunities to your doorstep by translating your technology offer into a tailored solution that meets the client’s need.
  • We are communication facilitators throughout the sales process: from prospecting, solution building, creating the proposal, contract negotiations, implementation and follow up. We exchange feedback during this process and manage the most demanding part of customer service: helping the client when problems arise.

We help you achieve cost-efficiency in your business development

  • Our compensation model is simple and transparent. If you are successful then we are as well. This makes us reliable and committed partners that have your success in our best interest.
  • Our objective is to bring you in contact with qualitative leads. This allows you to relieve pressure on your in-house sales teams and subsequently reduce sales costs.
  • You can benefit from a shared cost of sale. We consider complementary products from our entire portfolio when talking with customers. These scale advantages result in a lowered cost of sale for you.

Make no mistake.
We are very selective in the partners we work with.

We know that we deliver a high value for money service and expect nothing less from our financial technology partners.

Our partners

  • Have high quality products
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Are committed to deliver a technology solution that completely fulfils the customer’s need

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions as we know that every company is different. We do believe in co-creation: actively working together to achieve an outcome that is valued by every party involved.

Our portfolio

We currently work together with technology partners in the following areas of expertise:

Do you also offer financial technology in these areas?

Let us know as we are always eager to hear how your product stands out from your competitors’.

Do you offer different financial technology products and services?

Get in touch as we are expanding our portfolio continuously and are always interested in adding complementary products.